서명 / 署名
commissioned by Seoul Museum of Art

Through 3ch panoramic footage of Choi Min(1944-2018 theorist, critic and poet) perusing his vast book collection in the Seoul Art Archive's preservation library and nine of his poems embedded in old wallpaper, the artist evokes his presence in the landscape and time of the era in which he was active, connecting the world of words and images he explored for so long with the here and now. - Excerpt from the Wall Text

directed by 장민승 jang minseung

music by 정재일 jung jaeil

Director of photography, editing, grading 존스톤 Johnston Warren Anthony

grip 이우헌 lee wooheon

assistant director 이무언 lee mooun

lighting 이유석 Lee Yu seok 이동훈 lee dong hoon 김민혁 kim min hyuk

typesetting and arrangement 이경수 lee kyeongsoo(workroom)

Technical Production C2 Artechnolozy Co., Ltd.

Photography by Chun Eun

Courtesy of Seoul Museum of Art

서울시립미술아카이브의 보존 서고에 자리잡은 故최민(1944-2018)의 방대한 도서 컬렉션을 찬찬히 훑는 영상과 오래된 벽지에 깊숙이 스며든 그가 쓴 시 아홉 편을 통해 작가는 최민이 활동했던 시대의 풍경과 시간 속에서 그의 존재를 환기하며 그가 오랜 시간 탐구한 글과 이미지의 세계를 지금 이곳과 연결한다. - 월텍스트에서 발췌